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Hydro Handle


Comfortable and Strong Grip for Great Leash Control
Leash Splitter/Carabiner Clip to Connect Multiple Leashes
 Storage Space For You and Your Pooch
Abrasion and Bacteria Resistant
Extremely Durable

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!


This set includes:

Hydro Handle  Leash Splitter/Carabiner Clip

Hydro handle is sturdy and comfortable to give you great leash control. It’s ideal for walking your dog in high traffic areas and is also an excellent tool for training your pup! Each handle comes with a leash splitter/carabiner clip that gives you the ability to connect multiple leashes to one handle.


Our gear can withstand a lot! But despite the super durability, it is important to inspect your pets gear regularly for any signs of wear and tear.

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The Hydro Handle is Hollow Inside

It allows you to effortlessly transport treats, waste bags or whatever you like.

See Hydro Handle In-Action

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Hydro Handle